A brand that gives you the confidence to perform. If you’re motivated by the powerful craving for new experiences, pushing boundaries and working until the job is done, then you are DieHard®. A footwear brand trusted to deliver quality, reliability, and unrivaled performance when and where it’s needed.

DieHard® footwear is built to exceed expectations and provide confidence to handle any situation. Driven by a new look and attitude, the  DieHard® brand has been recharged with better materials, new looks and more comfort than ever.


Americans have trusted Diehard® to deliver exceptional performance and reliable products for over 50 years. Since its inception,  DieHard® has been at the forefront of innovation. The core of the brand’s legacy is unrivaled performance in automotive batteries, which revolutionized the industry.

Then in 1975,  DieHard® footwear was launched with the hard working customer in mind.  DieHard® is growing to deliver products that reach new frontiers while still delivering the ultimate performance and dependable power customers have relied on since 1967.


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